Thursday, July 31, 2008

Site Meter

Just today I added the functionality of a site meter to my site so I can keep track of the traffic on the site, and I would have never known that so many people visit my site if it weren't for this--since very few people actually comment.

But just since late Wednesday afternoon until now (about 1 a.m.), I have had visitors from all around the U.S. from New York to Chicago to L.A., and international visitors from Monaco, Greece, and New Zealand.

I am somewhat amazed that my review of Peter Schaefer's Jesus in the Talmud from about a year ago is still drawing readers. But most people have been interested in my posting on the Russia/Ukraine Church split (or potential split) and, interestingly enough, my series of quotations from Chuck Palahniuk's Rant.

Anyway, I'll keep posting on religion, antiquity, and whatever catches my fancy, and I hope you all enjoy it and keep reading!

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w said...

You are soo into this it's great!! I'm looking forward to seeing how it works and maybe adding it to my blog too. I doubt I have as many visitors as you do, though! :)