Saturday, August 2, 2008

What You've Been Reading

I am continually amazed by the location of my readers. In addition to the U.S. (from all over the place, from all sectors of the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii), readers regularly visit from the U.K. (mostly England, but some Scotland), New Zealand, Canada, and Germany. Occasionally, you have come from places like Russia, Israel, Egypt, Monaco, Greece, Mexico, Italy, and Panama.

I also thought I would bring together the postings that you have been reading most often. So, what have you been reading?

1) Topping the list, most of you have been reading about the Antikythera Mechanism here. It may be because this is a recent post, but, then again, my other recent posts have not received nearly this much attention. Here's to science and technology of the ancients!

2) Coming in a close second, many of you have also been searching for an old version of Trivial Pursuit here. It is confirming to find out that so many of you have had the same difficulties. You have confirmed for me that Trivial Pursuit, for whatever reason, is nearly impossible to find in Manhattan. But you all should see my follow-up posting here, discussing how I eventually found a copy (I recommend EBay or thrift stores--anywhere you can find something used).

3) Thirdly, many of you keep checking out my series of Chuck Palahniuk quotes from his novel, Rant, particularly the religion quotes--I hope you all like discussions of liminality. Check that out here. But once you get a taste from the quotes, I recommend reading the whole book, and just enjoy the wild ride Palahniuk takes you on.

4) Finally, several people appear to be interested in the Evil Eye. Most of you have looked at the general posting of the "Ever Evil Eye" here, which also contained some bibliography, but you might also want to read the earlier post of the Evil Eye in ancient Ugarit here. If and when I ever have some free time, I am tempted to glance at the books listed in the "Ever Evil Eye" posting.

These postings display a wide range of interests among my readers, and I only hope that you find any of my discussions or at the very least the included links helpful in your search of these topics, from wherever you sit throughout the world.

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