Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Painting: Frog on Leaf with Twirling Night Sky

As mentioned sometime before, I paint. And here is my most recent painting done for my niece, Rebekah, for the occasion of her birth a couple weeks ago--yes, I am a newly minted uncle.

Unfortunately, there is a glare on this photograph, losing some of the depth of color, particularly at the bottom of the painting at the bottom of the leaves and losing some of the contrast between the blues and purples in the swirls of the night sky. The contrast, to the naked eye, is as strong as it is at the top of the painting. Moreover, the contrast of the swirling stars is also stronger to the naked eye, again being obscured by a glare unavoidable due to the lighting in my apartment.

As is now appearing to become my style, the painting emphasizes secondary colors--oranges, greens, and purples--more than primary colors. In contrast to the paintings I posted earlier in the year with almost dizzyingly detailed leaves, I went with larger patterns and shapes on this one. I like how it looks on my wall next to other paintings with similar color schemes, star patterns, although with different representational schemes (like a human eye-ball or a hand reaching out), but very soon it will be traveling west, to the house of my sister, brother-in-law, and niece to live in my baby niece's room right above the rocking she can look at it whenever she is burped, fed, or rocked to sleep. ;)

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