Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Online Community of Hebrew Readers

John Hobbins at Ancient Hebrew Poetry has a posting entitled, "Why it is important not to love the God of the Bible," listing those who post online and have facility in Hebrew, Aramaic, and other Northwest Semitic languages "with a fire in their belly."

He writes:

I take this opportunity to point out something that is not always understood. It’s possible to love the biblical literature without loving the God of which the Bible speaks. There is even a sense in which it is precisely the believer who cannot and must not love the God of the Bible.

I am happy to be included in the very long list. I wonder which post in particular suggested to John that I have a "fire in my belly." Or if it just my general attitude to biblical and other ancient texts. Nonethless, I am happy to be listed among those who love the Bible, but have some questions about the god discussed there.

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