Saturday, February 28, 2009

Book Bargains: Newsom and Schuller

I was wandering around Book Culture (formerly Labyrinth) yesterday and happened upon some very surprising book bargains. I go there for their bargains. They have tons of reduced priced books on their staircase and on the tables upstairs. And in the latter place, I found these two books:

Carol Newsom, Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice: A Critical Edition, Harvard Semitic Monographs 27 (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1985).

Eileen Schuller, Non-Canonical Psalms from Qumran: A Pseudepigraphical Collection, Harvard Semitic Monographs 28 (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1986).

The Schuller volume was on sale for about $7 and the Newsom for $8. I have been trying to acquire my own copy of Newsom's critical edition of the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice for years, since I use it in my research. I had completely given up and have had the library's volume checked out for about a year and a half...or so. I was under the impression that it was out of print. But both of these volumes are newly printed, never used, nicely bound (cloth-bound). I wonder if a professor in the area had a class on Qumran Psalms/Songs and these are the leftovers. If so, I am very sorry I missed that course, but very happy to be reaping some benefits!

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