Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Memory of Jane Schaberg

I was saddened just now to discover the passing of Jane Schaberg, Professor of Religious Studies and Women's Studies at the University of Detroit Mercy, from Mark Goodacre's blog.  I had only met her once, but recall being quite moved by listening to James Tabor giving a talk on her behalf at SBL a few years ago.  I love her work, The Resurrection of Mary Magdalene: Legends, Apocrypha, and the Christian Testament, from which I regularly assign portions for my Sexuality and Christianity class.  She wrote brilliantly, challenging entrenched scholarly perspectives with good research and, something much rarer, creativity.

Update:  See now April DeConick's post addressed as a letter to Jane Schaberg.

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Kate said...

Thank you for acknowledging Dr. Schaberg who was a professor of mine at Detroit Mercy. She was my first true introduction to feminism and has no doubt influenced my graduate studies in religion. She will be missed.