Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Course Offerings for Spring 2014

2014!  I am starting to feel old!

Anyway, I have turned in my course offerings to my chair (who will eventually turn them over to the registrar) for Spring 2014.  If you are taking courses at the University of Mississippi in Desoto county, and, for some reason you happened upon this website, take these courses into consideration for next semester:

REL 312: The New Testament and Early Christianity

REL 356: Women in the Judeo-Christian Bible (I hear we are petitioning to change this to something like Gender, Sexuality, and the Bible, but, alas, not for next semester).  This is an adaptation of my older Sexuality and Christianity course, but focused more on biblical texts.

REL 395: Special Topics: Sacred Road-Tripping: Pilgrimage from Mecca to Memphis

Course descriptions to come.

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