Friday, June 29, 2007

Brown Watch: The Distancing Begins

Gordon Brown, the new British PM, appointed several people of various degrees of opposition to the Iraq War to his cabinet. This distances Brown from both Blair and Bush (btw, it seems that lately you need to have "B" name to be the leader of an English-speaking country--the 2008 election should break that current trend), although it is a bit less of a subtle move than I had expected. This will make Brown's first diplomatic meeting with Bush very interesting indeed. Of course, they may just look for common ground in areas like troops in Afghanistan, but the message is clear: the UK under Brown's leadership is no longer going to be the US's closest ally in Iraq. But, in an undertoned manner, Brown has only verbally indicated that he would examine Britain's role in Iraq.


James said...

Won't Barack Obama keep the B trend going? :)

Jared Calaway said...

I was thinking about Barack when I posted, and he is the closest and his name has a nice alliterative quality to it with the B's as long as you don't include his middle name (Hussein)...but the trend is that the LAST name has to be a "B" and he would be an "O." He could technically break the trend, but remain close to it at the same time--sounds like a move a politician would make. But, if we take this more expansively, we could include Bill Clinton (not legally a "B" but a "W," but no one calls him William Clinton), and even back to George Bush I. But the buck stops with Reagan.

But if H. Clinton wins in 2008, it is a completely different analysis in which in the US only two families would have been President for a total of 24 years once she would have finished her 1st term in office. If she would have a second term, there would be a HUGE portion of the population that would not have been alive (or would have been too young to remember) anyone not named Bush or Clinton being President. Oh, the possibilities.