Friday, June 22, 2007

Coptic Resources

Because I have been engrossed in Coptic language, including the gritty text-critical issues, etc., for the past year, I have decided to add a few online sites (which I lifted from "Forbidden Gospels") to my sidebar. So, for all the aspiring Coptologists out there, check these sites out, and if you know of any more, please send them to me!


Liam said...

Hey Jared, it's good to see you blogging.

In a fit of extreme procrastination the other day, I started googling different orthodox denominations in NYC. There's a Coptic church in Astoria, and I think I'd like to go check out the liturgy sometime. I believe there is also an Ethiopian Orthodox congregation that has services in a room in Riverside Church.

Jared Calaway said...

Hi Liam,

I am sure you saw that I have you on my sidebar.

Riverside has so many congregations in it. I think they even have a Chinese service, but I could be recalling incorrectly. So, I would not be surprised that there is something of the sort. I have a few friends who study Ethiopic Christianity, so they probably know.