Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Citation Question

I just thought of something. What if one of my readers on my blog (perhaps you!) made an excellent point on a post that is pertinent to my research (I actually rarely discuss my research on my blog, but it is still a possibility)--how would I cite that in an article, book, etc.? Is it different if it appears in the comments to my blog or to someone else's? If it specifically addressed to me or not? If you know, please respond, because I am curious. This might be a new realm for style guides to consider! Pay attention, Kate Turabian!


Unknown said...

MLA has a form for it (about three fourths of the way down):

There are different forms for citing a blog, a blog entry, or a comment to a blog entry.

Kate Turabian can't pay attention to it b/c shes' been dead for over twenty years.

Jared Calaway said...

I know she's dead, but they keep printing her guides in new editions.

Jared Calaway said...

Thanks for the link. The format makes sense to me.

Duane Smith said...

This issue came up for me in a soon(?) to be published paper. While the editor and referees asked that I change a few things, no one questioned the way I cited comments to one of my blog posts. I followed the MLA guidelines with a slight change to accommodate the journal's own guidelines for citing online material in general.