Tuesday, November 4, 2008

European Coverage of the US Election: London Times

Since we are electing someone to basically the most powerful position in the free world, the entire world is watching. It is informative to see things from their perspective.

So, from around the world, let's start with English-speakers in the London Times:

The Times has several articles to read...almost as many as the NYTimes on the election. Interestingly, they have ranked all of the U.S. Presidents in order of greatness. Check it out here. Being from Illinois, I was happy to see that they placed Lincoln in the number 1 spot, followed by Washington and then FDR. Virginia's Jefferson, whom they refer to as the political philosopher, takes spot 4.

I'm sure some are wondering who is at the lowest spot. Surprisingly, it is not George W. Bush, who tied for 37th spot with Nixon. The lowest spot goes to Buchanan, under whose watch the country disintegrated and who failed to prevent the Civil War.

They also have an interesting post on humor...or humour...in this election.

You can find the most recent article on the voting so far here.

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