Monday, November 17, 2008

In Praise of Eccentricity

I was checking out Wade G's blog, Evolution of a Mystery, married to April D. of Forbidden Gospels fame, tonight. And much to my surprise and delight I found this description of myself on his blogroll:

Antiquitopia - A blog by a Columbia grad student whom took classes from April when she taught at Illinois Wesleyan University. A smart fellow and an eccentric blog. (I am a big fan of "eccentric."

I had NO CLUE that I was least that my blog is eccentric. I do wonder...of what does its eccentricity consist? In what does it inhere? Eccentric compared to what? What is centric anyway?

Thank you, Wade, for the compliment as I continue to cultivate my academic eccentricity.


Ken Schenck said...

Jared, I just realized your paper is at the same time as one I'm delivering. Maybe you already mentioned that... Bummer! I would have loved to have heard it. Maybe you would be willing to share a copy?

Bon temps!

Jared Calaway said...

Dear Ken,

It was very nice meeting you this weekend.

I would be happy to send a copy.