Monday, June 9, 2008

Quote/s of the Day

April DeConick at Forbidden Gospels has a practice of posting "Apocryphotes" or quotes from Christian "apocrypha" (ancient Christian writings that were not including in the later orthodox canon/s). I thought I would post some quotes from time to time (not nearly as regularly as she does) from the much more random sources of lines here and there that strike me as interesting (thus, not nearly as coherent of a group of sources that she is drawing from). we go:

"Only fools have made up their minds and are certain."

"If you want it to be so, history can be a waste of time: it can also be, if you want it to be so, a study bearing fruit beyond price...."

Michel de Montaigne, On Educating Children

For a follow-up on that first quote:

"For doubting pleases me as much as knowing."

Dante, Inferno 11.93

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