Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is going on at Harvard Divinity School?

In the Chronicle, the following job posting is listed for Harvard Divinity school:

Harvard Divinity School
Junior Positions in New Testament and Early Christianity

Harvard Divinity School seeks to make two junior, tenure-track appointments in New Testament and Early Christianity, with preference for specialization in Gospels or early Christian and Jewish apocalyptic (including the Dead Sea Scrolls). The successful candidates will complement the current field of New Testament and Early Christian Studies at HDS which focuses on the interdisciplinary study of Christian literature (canonical and extracanonical), history, exegesis, and theology in the context of the ancient Mediterranean world, with special emphases in hermeneutics, feminist interpretation, and material culture.

Applicants must hold a doctoral degree by the time of assuming the position in the fall of 2009, be familiar with forms of analysis that address race, gender, and social location, and be able to teach and advise at the doctoral and master's levels, including the M.Div. program. In addition to students in the Divinity School, successful candidates will teach undergraduates and graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

So, my question is, why does Harvard Divinity School need/want two junior appointments? TWO!!! Are they expanding their NT/Early Christianity field? Is someone retiring? Elizabeth Schlussler Fiorenza is probably nearing retirement age.... If you have some info, let me know (and if you don't feel comfortable displaying this info publicly, email

Of course, I personally think I fit the latter descriptor (early Christianity and Jewish Apocalyptic with some work in the Dead Sea Scrolls--and oddly enough, some work in the Nag Hammadi Codices).

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