Monday, June 16, 2008

Trivial Pursuit after Trivial Pursuit

This past Saturday my significant other and I decided we would like to play Trivial Pursuit. But neither of us actually had a copy of the game. So, we decided to go to Toys R Us in Times Square, but they only had Trivial Pursuit for Kids and they had the Disney version. We went to several bookstores, such as Borders (which has few games by the way) and Barnes & Nobles, but, again, to no avail.

So, we hopped in the car and headed to Queens. There we went to Target and another Toys R Us--again, neither had a regular Trivial Pursuit or a Trivial Pursuit for adults. We also went to a mall with some non-chain toy stores, again to no avail.

So basically, we spent all day looking for Trivial Pursuit, but ended up empty. I guess you just cannot get Trivial Pursuit in New York City. By the way, there are about 30 versions of Scrabble--Scrabble is very popular in NYC--and about 50 versions of Monopoly. One version of Monopoly that I did not see, however, was Socialist Monopoly... ;)


jodi said...

that's funny.... we went on a similar search here in Oshkosh over winter break, and came up similarly limited--- we thought there were, like, a zillion kinds of Trivial Pursuit, but the Target here only had an "80s/90s/pop culture" set, which we did, ultimately, purchase.

James said...

Socialist Monopoly would be fantastic! You've just nationalized the railroads! Instead of hotels, you could have affordable housing. When you buy the Water Works, you could make clean drinking water available to all as a basic human right. The possibilities are endless.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find a place that had it?? I've been looking for 3 straight days in Manhattan and haven't found anywhere that sells plain, old regular Trivial Pursuit. This has been the most frustrating quest ever. I've even tried craigslist. Nothing.

Jared Calaway said...

You cannot find the original in a store anymore. In fact, the original is no longer made, at least that's the rumor. I finally got a copy of the original at a yard sale. My significant other also found a copy on Ebay. I also found the 20th Anniversary edition at a yard sale. Target, I found, does sell a "best of" edition that combines the 80s, 90s, and Pop Culture editions--but I haven't found it at a Target actually within NYC limits, only other Targets. Otherwise, if you are looking in the city, some small toy stores carry a travel edition (again, Pop Culture).

So, if you want the original, you will have to get it used. The best bet will probably be Ebay because they are really expensive on Amazon.