Wednesday, October 29, 2008

College Tuition

College tuition, of course, is still on the rise even in the midst of economic crisis.

The Chronicle has a database by state or by institution type here. Note: it only gives tuition and fees and not room and board rates...which will push the price even higher.

My alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan University, is up to $32,434.

Columbia is $39,326.

April DeConick's Rice is at $30,486.

Ken Schenck's Indiana Wesleyan is $19,376.

Harvard is at $36,173.

U Penn stands at $37,526.

Not far from U Penn is a small liberal arts university, Ursinus College, which happens to have a position open in NT and Early Christianity this year, is very close to these top prices: $36,910.

Wash U in St. Louis is $37,248.

If you can't access the site and would like to know how much a certain institution costs, just ask and I'll look it up.

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