Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gay Penguins Marry in China

Huh? Penguins? In China?

From Weird News at

Who says China isn't a bastion for Civil Liberties? At least their gay penguins can marry.

Two besotted male birds at China's Polarland wildlife park have just waddled down the isle to icy nuptial bliss. And, of course, both partners wore tuxedoes.

But like any marriage, behind the live music, revelry and sumptuous servings of herring, there lurked adversity. I'm not just talking about cold feet. Both grooms are, after all, South Pole natives.

As Britain's Sun reported, zookeepers once tried to isolate the gay lovebirds because they were stealing heterosexual couples' eggs for their own nest.

Finally, officials let them to care for eggs rejected by other mothers. The gays are now considered the zoo's best penguin parents.

As a newlywed myself, I say to them, "L'Chaim!" I call on gay zoo animals of the world to take the plunge. You don't need an opposable thumb to tie this kind of knot!


C'mon gay zoo creatures! Let's plan your wedding.

Here's to the groom and groom! How sweet!

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