Friday, December 12, 2008

"Dignitas Personae"

In an scene that looks like it could come out of 1984, the institution whose leaders act like clones, look like clones, and all dress alike, have reified the Catholic Church's position against cloning. Those who have sidestepped the "natural" processes of procreation, as usual, want to regulate those things in which they themselves do not participate : birth, creation, etc.

The official document, "Dignitas Personae" or the "Dignity of the Person," forbids creation through in vitro fertilization and human cloning. It forbids the manipulation of human biological raw materials: so no stem-cell research. Or, no stem-cell research based upon embryos. It allows stem cells extracted from adults and umbilical cords.

And, the cherry on top this ice-cream Sundae is no morning after pill!

I always find it strange that a bunch of celibate men sit around in rooms all day talking about the proper and improper ways to have sex, have children, and so forth. So, this adds to the list of why women should be priests: to give these guys some perspective.

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And the picture in the picture above is fantastic: it is like it "unnaturally" clones the clones, a representation within a representation through the reproduction of images.

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Unknown said...

Just as the Freakonomics guys argue that abortion has probably led to a decrease in crime (due in large part to a decrease in children growing up in poverty), some economist somewhere should do a study to figure out how many abortions have directly occurred due to opposition to the morning after pill, which has as its primary purpose the prevention of conception.