Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Trouble in Springfield

There is drama in Springfield, Illinois. Kind of...or, at least there would be trouble in Springfield, Illinois, if Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich (D) (blah-goy-a-vich) actually lived in the governor's mansion in Illinois.

Nonetheless, Blagojevich has continued the venerable tradition of Illinois governors of getting arrested for some sort of abuse of power. Makes me so proud to be from such a state that makes the governor's office such a moral highroad. Our previous governor, George Ryan (R), was convicted of racketeering and fraud in 2006.

But in Illinois it does not matter if you are Republican, like Ryan, or Democrat, like Blagojevich, because EVERYONE is very very corrupt. Blagojevich has now been arrested for trying to sell Obama's vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder! This brings with it the highly technical sounding charge of "corruption." This "corruption" charge, evidently, is just the icing on the cake of an ongoing five-year investigation into Illinois politics, in which "pay to play" has been the key phrase. Because of this ongoing federal investigation into Illinois corruption, many of the illegal dealings of Blagojevich have been caught on wire taps. Oops! And you New Yorkers thought you were the most corrupt. Huh! And now you can read all of this in the NYTimes.

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Unknown said...

It seems fitting to me that Illinois has reclaimed it's title of "most embarrassing governor" back from recent candidates Alaska and New York. Blago will likely be the fifth IL gov. in 50 years to serve time.